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Who we are

Cellstop Vehicle Tracking Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, t/a Cellstop Namibia is a privately owned wireless telematics company offering the range of Cellstop South Africa’s Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solutions in Namibia, utilizing the GSM/GPRS and GPS networks.

Cellstop SA has been in business of Vehicle Security and Tracking Development for the past 8 years. With products running in 9 different countries, Namibia has come aboard to also distribute their products, making us the 10th Country to distribute Cellstop’s 7th generation product. All developing and technology of all products are being done in South Africa. Cellstop exclusively license its technology to local partners in each territory it operates in. On 1st February 2007 Cellstop Systems Inc. announced the appointment of its newest active licensee, Cellstop Namibia, which will be commercialising the Cellstop technology in this significant market.

Namibia has a specific need for satellite and recovery systems. Cellstop SA has developed the MK5 an SVR (“Stolen Vehicle Recovery”) system as the entry platform with an upgrade path of the Cellstop MK4 Automotive providing a higher end solution focusing on top end fleet management and Road Fund Mass Distance Charge solutions. Cellstop SA has registered a partner for its SVR product and has designed the “granted novelty of invention” of the patent into its products.

We commit to

Cellstop Namibia is committed to the doctrines of equality and fairness in the workplace and to this end has compiled a comprehensive policy in this regard. The affirmative procurement guideline seeks to ensure that we as a company, wherever possible procure products and services through companies and organizations partially or wholly owned by previously disadvantaged individuals and women, whilst not compromising on our standards of service.

Away from home

South Africa has 95,000 vehicles stolen and 175,000 vehicles broken into each year. As a percentage of its vehicle base it has a very high theft rate, resulting in the requirement by insurance companies for the fitment of tracking devices. Currently there are over 800,000 vehicles fitted with tracking devices with a further 12,000 vehicles being fitted each month.

Closer to home

Namibia stolen vehicle statistics are not up to date, but it is estimated that at least 4 vehicles get stolen per day. The Namibian insurance companies do not require vehicles to be fitted with tracking devices, however should you be an Trucking / Transport company, these vehicles leaving Namibia borders are required to be fitted with an tracking device.

On track

Fleet management (the ability to locate and communicate with moving assets in real time) has been in the industry and related industries, such as haul trucking, buses and taxis for some time. Reduced costs of GPS (“Global Positioning via Satellite”) on the one hand and the world wide use of the GSM (“Global System for Mobile Communication”) wireless mobile network on the other has opened many new applications and opportunities for fleet management systems. State of the art “mobile asset tracking” and “location reporting systems” rely on a host of technologies that include wireless internet, mobile telephone networks and GPS. Cellstop’s patented technology is able to deliver wireless security solutions for both fixed and mobile assets in a wide range of applications using the globally available wireless mobile networks as its communication back bone.

Our Edge

Cellstop Namibia products are unique in their sophisticated user interfaces, enabling the vehicle to communicate with the owner in the event there is unauthorised opening of doors, the ignition being tampered with, the car been towed away; or if the car’s battery is running down. The user can control his vehicle by using the keypad of his personal cell phone enabling them to locate their vehicle, check health of vehicle and tracking system, immobilise vehicle and receiving daily sms trip reports etc. In addition, the location of the car can be continuously tracked allowing the vehicle to be recovered in the event of theft or hi-jack. The Cellstop system informs the owner of the status of the car via SMS, enabling the user to communicate directly with the vehicle and obtain vital information without calling the Control Centre.

The user also has the power to locate his moving assets via the internet, using his unique pin and password to log onto google maps and to view and print reports. E-mail reporting can be done daily/weekly/monthly and have have recently included the availability of an “On Tar / Off Tar” trip report that can be used for Mass Distance Charge Reporting.

While the user is given the power to control his own vehicle, he has the automatic back up of our control centre, RUN – Recovery United Namibia - which can be called for recovery, medical and roadside assistance. The consumer control is protected through the authorization of the owner’s cell phone and a six-digit pin code, safeguarding against unauthorised access.


Cellstop SA has established licensing agreements for Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Swaziland, Lesotho and Nigeria. Cellstop technology is field proven and to date Cellstop SA has installed over 8,000 of its units in the field. Cellstop Namibia does benefit out of these licensee holders and will be able to communicate within the African countries as long as we do have roaming agreements in place with the GSM Partners within each country.


  • To increase our market share within Namibia
  • Strive to exceed customer expectations
  • To increase affirmative procurement
  • Revenue growth
  • Provide good return to our shareholders

Crisis Response - Windhoek

Crisis Response is our Monitor service agent and these operations are currently being managed by the well-known Percy Openshaw.


Cellstop Namibia utilizes the GSM technology and MTC provides all our communication needs from any roaming network. With MTC you stay connected.

VESA Approved

Cellstop SA and Cellstop Namibia’s products is a listed Vehicle Security – Telematics member of VESA.

ABS – Accreditation Bureau for Security and Safety awarded Product approval to Cellstop on 28 November 2006. Cellstop products conform to the ABS specifications for Vehicle Security Telematics.

Once the product is fitted by an approved fitment center it will qualify for VESA approval.

Contact us

Cellstop Vehicle Tracking Enterprises (Pty) Ltd

( t/a Cellstop Namibia )

Cellstop - Head Office
13. Pioneer Str
Meersig - Walvis Bay
P O Box 222, Walvis Bay
Tel: (064) 20-3483
Fax: (064) 20-3492
Cellstop - Windhoek
Ellis Str, Unit 1
Hosea Kotako House
Tel: (061) 30 9828
Fax: (061) 30 9827
Cellstop Namibia Location

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Tel: (064) 20-3483
Fax: (064) 20-3492
Cell: 081-127-2113


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