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The robust driver code-plug is essential to measuring and improving driver safety and performance. Used to identify drivers and control access to vehicles, this little accessory has stood the test of time and is integral to the MiX Telematics fleet management & driver safety offering.

Key Features

Driver Identification

Using the driver code-plug it is possible to know which drivers committed driving violations such as speeding, over-revving, excessive idling, etc. as every trip or part there-of will have a driver associated with it. This information can be used to perform tailored driver training programmes to improve driver and passenger safety.

Access Control

Through defining access control lists and installing and configuring the FM Communicator's starter interrupt feature, it is possible to restrict access to vehicles. Ie. the driver keys are programmed with a unique identifier that is used by the on-board computer to determine if a driver has permission to start a vehicle or not. This ensures that drivers only operate and drive vehicles and equipment that they have permission to use, thus ensuring driver safety and maximum control over assets.

  • knowing which vehicles are driven by which drivers
  • knowing who committed driving violations, if and when they occurred
  • facilitating driver scoring and other driver related measurements
  • prevent trips by unauthorized drivers
  • tighter management control
  • enhanced security

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Mini Fleet Management