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What is Satellite tracking with advanced GPS and GSM/GPRS technology?

It means you know the exact location and status of your vehicle 24/7.

What is Life Tracking?

Live tracking means both your base station and the Cellstop Control Centre can track your vehicle movement on a map in real time, ensuring the best chance of recovery. In real time live tracking it may be necessary to monitor your vehicle at one second intervals for security purposes. This is achieved either through a CSD (Circuit Switched Data) or a GPRS connection. The vehicle is then followed in up to the second positioning on the map. This is normally used for recovery of a hijacked vehicle.

What does WRU mean?

WRU (Where aRe yoU) means you can locate any of your vehicles from the convenience of your cell phone by means of just sending an SMS to the unit. By sending WRU to the vehicle a real time position is delivered to the mobile phone requesting the information.

Why should I sent an Status to the unit?

Status and automatic daily health check mean you may request GPS position and health information about any of your vehicles via SMS. In addition, Cellstop generates automatic daily health checks, ensuring that the system is always functioning perfectly.

Why do I have a secure access and pin code protection?

Only authorised users can access features of the system.

Do I get an battery low and battery disconnect alarm?

Yes, Cellstop Namibia provides you with an early warning via SMS in the event of potential battery problems.

Can I create Zones?

Yes, only clients with the full fleet management system can create zones and set rules to manage vehicles within the zones. Using zone management by time one can restrict movement of vehicles to certain areas withing certain times, ie. the vehicle should be in the depot between 6pm and 6am, but may only be driven within a preferred area the rest of the time. Alarms are generated should these rules be deviated from.

Can I create my own customised maps?

Yes, only customers with the full fleet management system can use Cellstop’s map creation engine that offers the fleet manager the ability to customise roads and POI (points of interest) on the map so more detailed and informative information can be given.

What do moving violation alarms mean?

Should your vehicle move or be towed without authorisation, Cellstop Namibia will notify you on your cell phone and contact the control centre.

Do I have a panic button?

Yes, when activated, a message is sent to the emergency control centre who in case of emergency will sent out out the RUN Recovery Team.

Can I remotely immobilize my car?

Yes, remote immobilisation means that in the event of a hijacking, theft or unauthorised use of the vehicle the authorised user as well as the control centre can initiate immobilisation of the vehicle via SMS.

What is a driver ID?

A driver is given a tag, which identifies him as the driver of a vehicle. Not only is security enhanced on the vehicle as the vehicle will not start without an authorised TAG, but drivers can be limited to driving certain vehicles only.

Do I receive daily trip summary reports?

Yes, you will receive a summary of your vehicle movements daily on a designated cellphone at a preset time, via SMS, including trips made and distance travelled.

Can I monitor my odometer?

Yes, Cellstop runs its own vehicle odometer which is synchronised with your vehicles and can be accessed via SMS.

Can I set overspeeding alarms?

Yes, via sending an SMS to your unit you can preset a desired speed limit for your vehicles and receive notification when it is exceeded.

Will the Cellstop units warn me for the next service interval notification?

Yes, Cellstop can notify you of a pending or overdue service.

What does User programmable locations mean?

The system can pinpoint and program up to six customer or other locations and or any GPS co-ordinates of interest via SMS.

What does Trip log mean?

You will receive an daily/weekly/monthly email summary of all trips with start and destination points, times, speed as well as distance travelled.

Will I get an excessive idling alarm?

Yes, you can also set an idling limit and receive notification if this is exceeded.

Can I monitor my staff doings?

Yes, time-specific tracking can also be activated to monitor the efficiency of employees when sent to fulfil certain tasks within a prescribed time and sequence.

What software is needed?

Client Software, only for the full fleet management system, that runs on a computer using a server database for information and processing. The software can be run over a network and Cellstop will supply the “Client Software” required to be run by each machine on the network to access the VMS. There is no charge for additional workstations running the VMS software. Should the client require the information in more than one physical location, the system can be setup to mirror the information at each site, selectively or entirely according to the clients needs.

Individual sites are updated with the latest information from the master server using a replication system operating over the Internet. The customer will require a broadband permanent Internet connection to run the replication service at each physical site.

Telematics is the most advance vehicle tracking, personal protection technology that money can buy. Telematics is proactive technology, which will alert the Cellstop Control Centre of any emergency situation pertaining to the vehicle, without you (the customer) having to phone in and report the incident. When in an emergency situation, the telematics device will report an accurate vehicle position as per our life track command.

What is 'polling'?

A vehicle is 'polled' to find its exact 'real time' location. The client is able log into the Cellstop webpage with his own username and password and will be able to POL his vehicle, which action will send a message to the specified vehicle, to which it responds by sending a data packet, (bundled in 18 data messages) giving all the current information on the unit on the vehicle. The results are then displayed on a Google Map and Cellstop VMS software.

What is 'geofencing'?

Cellstop will allow a fleet manager to identify specific "no go" areas. If a vehicle should be in the depot at night, it will only raise an alarm if it isn't where it is supposed to be. Setting a geo fencing or better known preferred area (PREFERRED AREA) around the vehicle depot from 6pm to 6am, will notify fleet management if there is a breach of the rule. These trips can be replayed and the culprit disciplined. If a vehicle goes into an area it is not supposed to (NO-GO Zone) this can be alarmed, displayed.

What does SMS mean?

SMS - Short Message Service (a text message). Cellstop is currently the only supplier of direct communication between the vehicle and the client in real time via SMS. Cellstop's unit will change into GPRS mode when MTC coverage is lost, resuming MTC communication again when GPRS coverage is resumed.



Vehicle Management System, being the server that houses the database of vehicle information and all the vehicles report to.


This is a physical location where a VMS would be stationed and connected to the CellStop hub and other sites via a WAN.


General Packet Radio Service: standardised as part of GSM Phase 2+, GPRS represents the first implementation of packet switching within GSM, which is a circuit switched technology. GPRS offers theoretical data speeds of up to 115kbit/s using multislot techniques. GPRS is an essential precursor for 3G as it introduces the packet switched core required for UMTS. Because GPRS is charged out as a price per MB of data per month, GPRS can offer attractive cost savings to clients who have a requirement for higher frequencies of communications with their vehicles.


Global Positioning System: a location system based on a constellation of US Department of Defence satellites. Depending on the number of satellites visible to the user can provide accuracies down to tens of metres. Now being incorporated as a key feature in an increasing number of handsets.



Global System for Mobile communications, the second generation digital technology originally developed for Europe but which now has in excess of 71 per cent of the world market. Initially developed for operation in the 900MHz band and subsequently modified for the 850, 1800 and 1900MHz bands. GSM originally stood for Groupe Speciale Mobile, the CEPT committee which began the GSM standardisation process. GPS (Ground Positioning Satellite) technology will pinpoint your vehicle location, within 5 meters.

GSM network infrastructure within Namibia, South Africa, and neighboring countries where MTC roaming agreements are in place. You will be covered wherever MTC roaming is available. CellStop provides you with globally patented cutting edge technology that has footprints in 11 countries including Angola, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.


Wide Area Network


Local Area Network


Revolutions per Minute


Subscriber Identity Module: A smart card containing the telephone number of the subscriber, encoded network identification details, the PIN and other user data such as the phone book. A user’s SIM card can be moved from phone to phone as it contains all the key information required to activate the phone.

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