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The MiX Telematics smartphone applications provide you with a solution that gives you more control than ever before. It brings tracking right to your fingertips, irrespective of where you are, allowing you to keep tabs on your vehicles when a computer is not available

MiX Mobile for Apple's iPhone

The superior iPhone screen has been used optimally to quickly see all your vehicles in your Favourites list to determine whether they are moving, at what speed and what their current location is.

Customers can also pinch and stretch in true iPhone fashion to zoom in and out on maps that include street, satellite and hybrid views. All vehicles can be viewed on one map or individually and they can be followed in real-time. Using the iPhone’s built in GPS, the user is able to determine the phone’s position relative to a specific vehicle.

MiX Mobile for BlackBerry

The BlackBerry editions of MiX Mobile is perfect for busy individuals and helps them keep track of their valuable assets from anywhere while on the go.

Keeping track of vehicles on the small screen is made easy with clever use of the screen real estate. Building on the strong BlackBerry heritage, the application utilises core features of the phone to enhance the vehicle tracking experience.

MiX Mobile for Android

MiX Mobile wouldn’t be complete without the support of the popular and fast growing Android platform. Android phones have great screens and the MiX Mobile applications have been packaged to provide the best possible experience. Keeping track of your vehicle has never been this easy!

MiX Mobile for the iPad

MiX Mobile is also available for the iPad bringing tracking right to your fingertips, irrespective of where you are, allowing you to keep tabs on your vehicles. Watch out for iPad editions of all our products coming soon.


The smartphone applications in the MiX Mobile portfolio provides the ultimate convenience to MiX Telematics customers - bringing the power of the MiX systems into the palm of your hand.

In addition to the extensive benefits already offered by MiX Telematics' on-board computers hardware and software applications, the smartphone apps offer 24/7 access to your essential vehicle data:

  • to know where your vehicles are right now
  • to know where your vehicles were
  • to know the current status (e.g. speed) of your vehicles

which in turn means

  • improved visibility
  • tighter control
  • instant feedback
  • peace of mind

Click here for more information on the Mobile App.


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