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MiX Vision from MiX Telematics captures and delivers video footage of events to MiX Telematics’s online information and tracking portal. Footage is captured using a tamper-resistant on-board video recording unit with two cameras. This works in conjunction with MiX Telematics’s FM Communicator on-board computer.

When an event occurs, the system triggers the automatic upload of two videos – one showing the driver and one showing the road. Fleet managers can then go online to view these videos alongside trip and event information on a map or timeline. There is also the option to request high-resolution video clips recorded within the previous 72-hours a vehicle was in-trip. Events are customisable, with dozens to choose from, and can include anything from harsh events, like braking, to accidents and door open.

The MiX Vision unit boasts an infrared driver-facing camera, microphone and a 3G modem. This means that low-light recording and accompanying sound is possible. During play-back, videos also display the date, time, vehicle speed and RPM.

As it enhances the functionality already offered by MiX Fleet Manager, MiX Vision is the perfect tool for risk managers, distribution teams, driver training initiatives, incident analysis, as well as for health and safety purposes. It's visual clarity when it matters most.

In-vehicle camera

The in-vehicle unit houses a road-facing camera and an infrared driver-facing camera. This allows for simultaneous capturing of road- and driver-view video footage linked to an event, without the risk of tampering.

Event-triggered video events

Customers can choose from dozens of events to trigger recordings. When these events occur, a low-resolution video will be uploaded with footage 8 seconds before and 7 seconds after the event occurred.

High-quality videos on demand

To save on download times and operating costs, only low-resolution videos are uploaded initially. But high-resolution versions of each video are stored and easily available for download if required.

72 hours of video playback

When supporting footage is needed, customers can request high-resolution video clips from the previous 72-hour period of a vehicle being in-trip. These clips are 2:30 minutes in length.

Audio and text overlay on videos

The MiX Vision unit comes with an accompanying microphone, enabling sound on all captures. Furthermore, videos display the date, time, speed and RPM.

Full integration into MiX solutions

MiX Vision greatly enhances the existing benefits of MiX Fleet Manager and MiX SafeDrive by allowing for videos and sound to accompany existing fleet information

For more information, download the Brochure here.


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