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The Cellstop SVR 300 system is the most advanced automotive tracking, security and personal management device currently in the Namibian market. Cellstop Namibia has a product that not only provides the security aspects required by the customer, but also enables the customer to actively control their vehicle and draw informative information about its health and use. The triad of communications between User, Vehicle and Control Centre is unique in the market.

Traditionally vehicle tracking systems only communicate with a central server. Cellstop has developed a friendly and secure system allowing the user direct access to useful information from the vehicle being tracked. One of the key advantages of this is that by bringing the user into the operational loop, the integrity of the system is maintained (the user is aggrieved when they cannot find their car) ensuring a higher rate of recovery.

WRU (Where aRe yoU)

Via an SMS it is possible to request a GPS co-ordinate position of your vehicle which would be delivered to your cellphone via SMS. The response will give a street address and distance to other points of interest, together with the status of the vehicle, i.e. traveling at 45 km/h, ignition on.

18 Mozart Street
270 m Off Wernhill
Shopping Centre
Ignition Off


An authorised user can request information about the health of the unit and the vehicle via an SMS. An SMS is delivered back to the users cellphone with detailed report on the status of the vehicle. This allows the user to confirm the functionality of their unit at all times.

Software version no
Confirmation that the vehicle battery is good
Actual voltage of vehicle battery
Confirms GPS is locked to satellites
Odometer reading of vehicle
Ignition status On or Off
Distance travelled in last trip
Speed and direction vehicle is travelling
Time and date (GMT)
Battery OK
GPS Locked
Odo 57332km
Ignition Off
Trip 22 km
Speed 60Km/h SE
07h50 14/09/07
E028 04 22
S26 04 32

Terms and Conditions
WRU (Where are You)
VRU (Visual WRU)
Status (Vehicle and System
  Health Check)
Panic Button
Battery Low
Battery Disconnect
Hijack Alarm
Heart Beat
Satellite Tracking via GPS
GSM Communication
Real Time Location
  (via SMS)
(monitored by Control Centre)
Battery Disconnect
Hijack Alarm
Panic Alarm
20 x Free WRU's and
  15 x Free VRU's
50 x Free SMS's
24/7 Call Centre Hotline
24/7 Alarm Monitoring
24/7 Recovery within the
  borders of Namibia
Daily Health Check
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Tel: (064) 20-3483
Fax: (064) 20-3492
Cell: 081-127-2113


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