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The CellStop SVR 600 Mini-Fleet Unit is the most advanced automotive tracking, security and personal management device currently in the Namibian market. CellStop has developed a product that not only provides the security aspects required by our customers, but also enables them to actively control their vehicles and draw useful information about its use and health status. The triad of communications between User, Vehicle and Control Centre is unique in the market.

Traditionally vehicle tracking systems only communicate with the central server. CellStop has developed a secure friendly system allowing the user direct access to useful information directly from the vehicle. One of the key advantages of bringing the user into the operational loop is that the integrity of the system is maintained as the customer immediately notices when they cannot find their vehicle. This results in a higher rate of recovery.

Fleet Managers are anxious to know at any one time where their vehicles are located and how they are being driven. Cellstop Namibia provides all the tools for a fleet manager to manage their fleet by exception. These trips are displayed on a map.

WRU (Where aRe yoU)

Via SMS it is possible to request a GPS co-ordinate position of your vehicle which would be delivered to your cellphone via SMS. The response will give a street address and distance to other points of interest, together with the status of the vehicle, eg. the speed, ignition on or off and it confirms that it has GPS Lock.

VRU (Visual where aRe yoU)

Similar to the WRU, the User can request a visual rendering of the same information and view an indication of the vehicle position on a map image on your cell phone. The User has the option to view the position on any of the three map zoom levels. All the text detail contained in the WRU is also included in the VRU.

18 Mozart Street
270 m Off Wernhill
Shopping Centre
Ignition Off


A web interface that is specifically designed for the CellStop SVR 600 Mini Fleet Unit. This allows the user to draw current and historical information as well as pin-point locations of the unit. The User has the option to view the information on their choice of either animated maps, satellite images or on the Hybrid maps which combines the former two. The following reports can also be drawn on the Web Locate on demand:


Alarm Report
Trip Summary Repoert
Trip Day Summary Report


Alarm Report
Trip Summary Repoert
Trip Day Summary Report

Over and above these reports the SVR 600 can be set up to e-mail various additional scheduled reports to the user or additional users:

Scheduled E-Mail Reports

Detailed Trip Report
Trip Log Summary
Trip Day Summary
Trip Weekly Summary
Trip Monthly Summary
Trip reports can include "On Tar / Off Tar" Trip reports
  (Ideally to be used in future Mass Distance Charge Reporting)

For more information, download the Brochure here.

Download the i-locate Manual here.

Terms and Conditions
WRU (Where are You)
VRU (Visual where aRe yoU)
Panic Button
Battery Disconnect
Hijack Alarm
Daily Report
GPRS Activated
Web Access
E-mail Reports
Idling Report
(monitored by Control Centre)
Battery Disconnect
Hijack Alarm
Panic Alarm
(monitored by Fleet Manager)
Excessive Idling
Excessive Idling Delay
Harsh Acceleration
Harsh Braking
Moving Violation
Service Reminders
RPM (Otional)
Zoning (Optional)
50 x Free SMS's and
  2 Meg Free Data
  (includes - WRU & VRU
  Capability and Daily
  Report via SMS)
24/7 Call Centre Hotline
24/7 Alarm Monitoring
24/7 Recovery within
  the borders of Namibia
Daily Health Check
  (Heart Beat)
  E-Mail Reports
Call Centre Support
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Tel: (064) 20-3483
Fax: (064) 20-3492
Cell: 081-127-2113


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