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Track and monitor trailers online, with Trailer Tracking from MiX Telematics. Solutions exist for trailers with a permanent power source (wired) and for those without (wireless). Once a unit is installed, trailers can be tracked independently from their truck tractors since no connection to other on-board computers is required.

Using FM-Web’s Active Tracking and Fast Track features, fleet managers can monitor the whereabouts of their trailers at all times. Fast Track allows for separate live streaming of a trailer’s activities, while the critical event feed shows notifications of low battery warnings. Active Tracking allows for constant monitoring.

MiX Fleet MobileTrailer Tracking is also accessible via MiX Fleet Mobile, giving fleet managers flexible control over their most valuable assets. Users can view their trailers’ locations on a map and get quick views of their trailers’ statuses. They can also check speed and positioning details, start and end points, and their trailers’ locations in the yard using the Augmented Reality feature (iPhone and iPad only). Trip reports for up to 48 hours prior are also available.

Key Features

Built for FM-Web

FM-WebFM-Web offers an interactive, user-friendly capability to help manage trailers more efficiently. Features include Fast Track, Active, historical tracking, historical trip replaying and location management.

Accessible via MiX Fleet Mobile

MiX Fleet Mobile allows for Trailer Tracking on the move. Available on iOS and Android platforms.

Flexible power and installation options

Wired and wireless tracking units are available for trailers with or without their own power sources. Both units are easy to install.

Trip and position recording

Using GPS and GPRS, live trip information is generated. Out-of-trip positions are recorded too.

Integrated reporting functionality

Movement, event, and trip and utilisation reports are available in MiX Insight Reports, ensuring effective analysis of trailer data.

Service and licencing interval reminders

Receive notifications that assist in the movement and management of trailer service and licencing intervals.

Augmented Reality

iPhone and iPad users can find their trailers in the yard by activating the Augmented Reality feature on their devices’ cameras.

  • Improved trailer visibility
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced instances of theft and trailer loss
  • Reduced trailer breakdowns
  • Fewer unexpected maintenance costs
  • Optimal fleet utilisation
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased bottom line

Click here for more information on the Trailer Tracking.


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